Unfair competition: protecting your business interests


Understanding unfair competition

Unfair competition refers to deceptive, fraudulent, or otherwise wrongful business practices that harm other companies or consumers in the marketplace. It encompasses various forms of unethical misconduct that can seriously undermine and damage your business.


Common examples of unfair competition include false or misleading advertising about a company’s products or services, misrepresentation of the origin of goods, theft of trade secrets or confidential information, exclusive dealing requirements, and malicious interference with a competitor’s business.


Other predatory practices like selling below cost to undercut competitors, disparagement of rival offerings, and improper use of trademarks or brand names also qualify as unfair competition. Such actions distort the competitive landscape.


At Fenus Legal, we are committed to helping companies understand what constitutes unfair competition under Spanish commercial law. We also provide guidance on identifying violations and protecting your business against wrongful acts through legal means.


Our experienced commercial lawyers can advise on avoiding unfair practices in your own operations while enforcing your rights when faced with misconduct from other players in Spain. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help safeguard your interests.

Unfair competition lawyer

When facing the threat or reality of unfair competition in the Spanish market, having a skilled and experienced unfair competition lawyer by your side can make a significant difference in protecting your business interests.


Our unfair competition legal specialists have extensive expertise in identifying, assessing, and remedying various forms of unethical or deceptive business conduct from competitors. We keep a vigilant watch for violations of commercial law.


Where unfair practices are suspected, we conduct thorough investigations and analysis to determine the nature and extent of the misconduct. We provide guidance on gathering evidence and quantifying the damages inflicted on your company.


When deemed necessary, we pursue bold legal action against offenders. Our litigators represent client interests in filing complaints and lawsuits in Spanish courts to seek remedies, damages, and injunctions against continuing unfair behavior.


Alternatively, we can negotiate directly with infringing parties through cease-and-desist actions or mediation when warranted to efficiently resolve matters and avoid prolonged disputes.


Whether it’s aggressive litigation or tactful negotiation, our unfair competition lawyers provide savvy and effective legal strategies tailored to your specific situation and interests. Rely on our protection.

Types of unfair competition

Unfair competition is not limited to one specific behaviour; it includes several types of illegal practices:

Misleading Advertising: False or deceptive ads that confuse consumers and damage a competitor's reputation.

Trademark Infringement: Unauthorized use of another's trademark, leading to customer confusion.

Trade Secret Theft: Stealing or disclosing confidential business information.

False Representation: Misrepresenting products or services to mislead customers.

Price Manipulation: Dumping products below cost to drive competitors out of the market.

Understanding these types allows for targeted legal action. Our team of unfair competition lawyers is well-versed in handling each of these issues, ensuring that your business remains protected.

Legal recourse against unfair competition

If your business is a victim of unfair competition, taking legal action may be necessary. Our legal experts will guide you through the legal landscape in Spain, pursuing remedies such as injunctions, damages, or both. With our experience and determination, we aim to restore fair competition and safeguard your business interests.


Preventing unfair competition starts with understanding the law and implementing proactive measures within your business. Our lawyers can assist you in drafting robust policies, training staff, and monitoring competitors, thereby reducing the risk of unfair competition affecting your operations.

Our firm specializes in commercial and corporate law, and our unfair competition lawyers offer unmatched expertise in handling complex legal challenges. We pride ourselves on our strategic approach, client-focused services, and dedication to achieving favourable outcomes for our clients.


Unfair competition can be detrimental to your business, but with the right legal guidance, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you need assistance understanding types of unfair competition, require representation in legal proceedings, or seek to build preventative measures, Fenus Legal is here to help. Our unfair competition lawyer team offers comprehensive support, tailored to your unique business needs in Spain.