Transport lawyer services


The importance of specialized transport lawyers

The transport industry faces an array of legal complexities that require a dedicated understanding of both local and international laws. At Fenus Legal, our team of transport lawyers is equipped with the knowledge and experience to guide you through every legal aspect related to the transportation sector in Spain.

A transport lawyers firm with comprehensive services

As a transport lawyers firm, we offer a variety of services tailored to the needs of both companies and individuals engaged in transportation services:

Regulatory compliance: ensuring that businesses are in line with all relevant regulations, including environmental standards and safety protocols.

Contract drafting and negotiation: creating and negotiating contracts that are critical to transportation activities, such as lease agreements, shipping contracts, and more.

Litigation and dispute resolution: representing clients in court or through arbitration to resolve conflicts related to transportation.

Insurance and liability matters: advising on insurance coverage, liability concerns, and risk management strategies.

International transportation law: assisting with the legal aspects of cross-border transportation, including customs and tariffs.

Working with a Commercial Lawyer in Transport Law

Transport law is not solely about transportation; it’s also about commercial relationships, contracts, and operations that require a specialized commercial lawyer. Our team of transport lawyers works closely with our commercial law experts to provide comprehensive legal support that covers every aspect of your transportation business.

Customized legal solutions for various transport sectors

The transportation industry is highly diverse, spanning various sectors like maritime shipping, airlines, railways, and road transport. Consequently, the legal needs across transportation segments also vary greatly. From maritime laws on shipping and navigation to employment regulations for truck drivers, each mode has its own intricacies.


Our transport legal team possesses substantial experience across all major transportation sectors. We guide shipping companies on matters related to maritime contracts and admiralty laws. For aviation clients, we advise on agreements and compliance with airline regulations. With railway operators, we cover railway contracts and safety laws. And for road transport firms, we handle vehicle regulations plus logistics contracting.


When choosing legal counsel in Spain’s transportation space, you need a firm that deeply comprehends the sectoral complexities. At our law firm, our transport lawyers are not only experts in the field’s regulations, but also skilled negotiators, litigators and trusted advisors. We aim to deliver success for clients through customized transportation legal solutions.


For transport sector participants – from logistics providers to individual drivers – we offer professional support on the industry’s diverse legal landscape. As specialists in the field, rely on our strategic and practical guidance. Reach out to our legal team to navigate the complex transportation world.