Rights of authors


Understanding and Safeguarding the Rights of Authors in Intellectual Property Law

In the fast-moving world of literature, art, and creativity, the rights of authors stand as an essential pillar in protecting intellectual property. The intricate landscape of intellectual property law in Spain presents unique challenges, particularly for English expatriates. At Fenus Legal, we specialise in providing comprehensive legal guidance to authors, helping them to understand, safeguard, and enforce their rights.

Intellectual property law – an overview

Intellectual Property Law governs the protections and rights attached to creative works and inventions.

Rights of authors: definition

The rights of authors are exclusive legal rights that allow creators control over their original works.

Importance in Spain

Intellectual property rights in Spain are rooted in national and international laws that protect creators.

Rights of authors – what’s covered?

Understanding what constitutes the rights of authors helps in better protection and enforcement.


Copyright law protects the expression of ideas and grants authors exclusive rights to their works.

Moral rights

Moral rights protect the personal relationship between an author and their work, ensuring respect and integrity.

Economic rights

Economic rights enable authors to monetise their creations through licensing, sales, and other means.

Challenges faced by english expatriates

English expatriates in Spain often face specific challenges related to the rights of authors.

Legal Differences

Understanding the differences between English and Spanish intellectual property laws is vital.

Language Barriers

Navigating Spanish legal documents may pose a language barrier for some English speakers.

Protection and enforcement of authors' rights

The legal framework for protection and enforcement of authors’ rights requires expert navigation.

Registration process

Registering works ensures better protection, especially in case of legal disputes.

Enforcement measures

Legal remedies are available for authors whose rights have been infringed.

How Fenus Legal can assist

Fenus Legal offers expertise in understanding and safeguarding the rights of authors.

Tailored legal guidance

We provide personalised support tailored to individual needs, considering the unique aspects of Spanish law.

Representation in legal disputes

If your rights have been violated, we offer dedicated legal representation.

Protecting Your Creative Legacy

Protecting the rights of authors is not only about law but preserving the integrity of creativity and innovation. Fenus Legal recognises the importance of authors’ rights in the broader context of intellectual property and offers services that are tailored to the unique legal landscape in Spain, with special consideration for English expatriates.


The complexities of intellectual property law necessitate a well-informed approach, and our team is here to guide authors through every step of the process. From understanding the nuances of copyright to enforcing rights in legal disputes, our comprehensive approach ensures that your intellectual property is secure, your creativity is respected, and your rights are robustly protected.