Forward funding


Forward funding in real estate

Forward funding, a unique financial structure commonly used in real estate investment, has become an essential strategy for both local and foreign investors in Spain. English expatriates seeking to invest in Spanish real estate can find the concept of forward funding particularly appealing, as it offers an opportunity to engage in the property market with reduced risks and enhanced profitability.

Forward funding in real estate

Forward funding is a financial arrangement where the investor commits to purchasing a property while it is still under development, agreeing on a fixed purchase price and a predetermined completion date.


The process includes several vital components such as an initial agreement, development stages, and the eventual property transfer. It’s a structure that demands meticulous planning and expert legal guidance.

Advantages of forward funding for expatriates

Forward funding allows investors to lock in the purchase price, offering protection against inflation and market fluctuations. It can lead to substantial savings for the investor.


Investors can influence the design and specifications of the property, allowing for a more tailored approach to the investment, which can be particularly appealing to expatriates.

Legal aspects of forward funding

Understanding the legal framework governing forward funding in Spain is crucial. This includes property laws, taxation regulations, and contracts.


Skilled legal experts play a vital role in drafting and reviewing contracts, ensuring compliance with Spanish laws, and providing necessary legal counsel throughout the process.

Risks associated with forward funding

Risks associated with the developer’s financial stability or failure to complete the project on time must be carefully considered and managed.


Though forward funding helps in mitigating some market risks, investors must still be aware of potential changes in market conditions that may impact the project.

Fenus legal's approach to forward funding

Understanding the unique needs of English expatriates, Fenus Legal offers tailored support, assisting clients through every stage of forward funding transactions.


Numerous success stories and satisfied client testimonials reflect the proficiency and commitment of the firm in the field of forward funding in real estate.

Your trusted partner in forward funding

Forward funding offers an innovative and strategic approach to investing in the real estate market in Spain. It provides an opportunity for English expatriates to engage in the property market in a more controlled and financially savvy manner.


Fenus Legal stands ready to support your forward funding ambitions, providing the expertise and understanding necessary to navigate this complex terrain. Our seasoned team of legal professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your investment is handled with utmost care and in strict adherence to the law.


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