Due diligence


Due Diligence for real estate transactions in Spain

The process of buying or investing in real estate property in Spain involves numerous intricate legal and financial aspects. One of the most crucial elements in these transactions is «due diligence.» This process ensures that all essential information concerning the property is properly analysed, and any potential risks are identified before the transaction takes place.

Understanding due diligence in real estate

Due diligence refers to the thorough investigation of a property before the completion of a transaction. It involves analysing various documents, inspecting the physical condition of the property, and ensuring that all legal requirements are met.


Spanish real estate law mandates specific obligations and criteria that must be met. Engaging in thorough due diligence helps ensure that these legal requirements are fulfilled and that the buyer is protected from potential risks.

Components of due diligence in real estate

Property inspection

A proper physical inspection of the property helps in identifying any structural defects, potential repair needs, or other issues that may affect the value of the property.

Legal verification

Ensuring that the property is legally owned by the seller, without any unresolved disputes or encumbrances, is a vital part of due diligence.

Financial evaluation

An assessment of the property’s value, existing loans, taxes, and other financial matters helps in making an informed decision about the purchase.

How Fenus legal can assist with due diligence

Understanding the unique needs of English expatriates in Spain, Fenus Legal offers expert guidance and support tailored to each client’s specific situation.


The team at Fenus Legal consists of experienced lawyers and professionals skilled in real estate law, ensuring meticulous attention to every detail.

Risks of neglecting due diligence

Overlooking any aspect of due diligence can lead to severe legal complications, such as disputes over ownership or failure to comply with local laws.


A lack of proper due diligence may result in unexpected financial burdens, including unforeseen repairs or overvaluation of the property.

Case studies and success stories

Satisfied clients share their experiences, highlighting the effective support provided by Fenus Legal in managing due diligence for their property transactions.


Case studies illustrate the importance of due diligence and how expert legal guidance can help avoid potential pitfalls and ensure a successful transaction.

Partner with Fenus Legal for your due diligence needs

Due diligence is a complex but essential part of any real estate transaction in Spain. Engaging in a thorough investigation of the property ensures that you are making an informed and secure investment.


Fenus Legal stands ready to provide expert guidance in due diligence, ensuring that your property transaction progresses smoothly and securely. Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can assist you in navigating the Spanish real estate market with confidence.