Articles of association


Understanding the articles of association in Spain’s corporate structure

The articles of association are a crucial legal document that sets out the rules governing a company’s internal management, including the relationships between the company’s shareholders, directors, and the company itself. Here we will explore the importance, key components, and intricacies of Articles of Association in the context of Spanish corporate law.

What are the articles of association?

The articles of association define the company’s purpose, outline how tasks are to be accomplished within the organisation, and detail the rights and responsibilities of shareholders and directors.

Importance of articles of association

Understanding the vital role that the articles of association play in a company’s existence and functioning is key to effective governance and compliance with Spanish laws.

Key elements of articles of association

Company Name and Purpose

A clear indication of the company’s name, purpose, and objectives.

Shareholder Rights

Details the rights, obligations, and the processes relating to shareholders.

Director Duties

Defines the roles, responsibilities, and powers of the company’s directors.

Dividend Distribution

Rules governing the distribution of dividends to shareholders.

Drafting articles of association with Fenus Legal

Fenus Legal provides expert guidance in drafting and amending the Articles of Association, tailored to your company’s specific needs in compliance with Spanish regulations.

Altering articles of association

Understanding the legal procedures and requirements for altering the Articles of Association is essential for adapting to changes in company objectives or legal requirements.

Common misconceptions about articles of association

Debunking common myths and clarifying misunderstandings about the Articles of Association can lead to more informed decisions in managing corporate structure.

Comparison with memorandum of association

Drawing a clear line between Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association helps in comprehending the distinct roles they play in corporate governance.

Articles of association in different types of companies

The Articles of Association may vary significantly depending on the type of company. Knowing these differences is vital for the correct implementation of corporate law.

Legal disputes and articles of association

How the Articles of Association can be a focal point in legal disputes, and the role they play in resolution.

Conclusion and contacting Fenus Legal

Understanding the Articles of Association in Spain’s corporate landscape is essential for every company. Fenus Legal is here to guide you through every step of the way.


The Articles of Association are not merely a legal requirement but a vital tool for corporate governance in Spain. With the expert guidance of Fenus Legal, drafting, understanding, and amending these articles can be a seamless process. Ensuring that these documents are in line with your company’s goals and Spanish law will lead your business towards success and legal compliance.