Ad hoc companies


Expert Guidance on Ad Hoc Companies in Spain for English Expatriates

In the multifaceted world of commercial and corporate law, Ad hoc companies represent a unique legal concept. Often involving complex structuring, restructuring, and reorganization, these types of companies require detailed legal expertise. Fenus Legal, a law firm specialising in Spanish commercial law, provides bespoke legal guidance for English residents dealing with Ad hoc companies in Spain.

What are ad hoc companies?

Ad hoc companies are specific entities created for a singular purpose or project. They are tailored for particular needs and dissolve once the objective is achieved.

Definition and structure

An Ad hoc company is formed with a particular goal in mind. Its structure is defined by its unique needs, requiring specialised legal guidance.

Key Features

Ad hoc companies may have distinct legal, financial, and operational characteristics that differentiate them from regular business entities.

Establishing ad hoc companies in Spain

The formation of an Ad hoc company in Spain involves several considerations:

Legal requirements

Comprehensive understanding of Spanish commercial law is essential to ensure legal compliance in forming an Ad hoc company.

Financial considerations

Understanding the funding and financial structure of an Ad hoc company is vital to its success.

Contractual obligations

The agreements that bind an Ad hoc company must be precisely drafted to delineate the company’s obligations and rights.

Restructuring ad hoc companies

While Ad hoc companies are typically short-lived, restructuring may be necessary in some scenarios:

Change of objectives

If the goals of the Ad hoc company change, legal assistance is necessary to redefine the company’s purpose.

Financial reassessment

A financial restructuring of an Ad hoc company may be required if the project’s scope changes.

Reorganizing Ad Hoc Companies

Reorganization can be a part of the life cycle of an Ad hoc company:

Legal compliance

Ensuring that the reorganization complies with Spanish laws is paramount.

Aligning with objectives

The reorganization must be aligned with the unique goals of the Ad hoc company.

Ad hoc companies for english residents in Spain

English residents in Spain dealing with Ad hoc companies must consider:

Cultural considerations

Understanding the cultural aspects of business practice in Spain.

Dual legal systems

Navigating both English and Spanish laws can be a complex process requiring specialized guidance.

How Fenus Legal can assist with ad hoc companies

Specialized Expertise

Fenus Legal offers a deep understanding of the complexities involved in Ad hoc companies.

Personalized solutions

We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your Ad hoc company.


Ad hoc companies in Spain represent a complex and specialized area of law, particularly for English expatriates. At Fenus Legal, our expertise in the field enables us to provide comprehensive legal guidance on structuring, restructuring, and reorganizing Ad hoc companies. Our commitment to understanding your unique needs ensures that we deliver legal solutions that are precisely aligned with your objectives.